The 3 S of learning anything

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Any new learning demands efforts. If it is complex and expected to take time, then you break down into digestible chunks. Efforts have to be consistent. Learning also demands a plan, else it will be haphazard and may take longer to internalize. A sprinkle of unstructured learning here and there would help in the process but don’t overdo it. Below is a short process of scoping, scooping and sharing which can do wonders to your grasping abilities.


Scoping a new learning will help establish an excellent base. It is highly likely that you may already have a background on the subject. One should therefore leverage on previous learnings to build a base for new learnings to sink in effortlessly. The process for this is to scope the subject and actively seek new knowledge. Scoping would also involve a plan to study specific topics first, where one does not have a background. One may write down difficult topics and actively think about any connection with the knowledge you already have on the topic. Excel or Google sheets may be helpful, where topics are noted along with comfort levels. Comfort levels can also be color coded in the sheet.


The learnings literally have to be scooped out. Actively recalling stuff, while learning solidifies in your brain. It makes better neural connections as numerous studies have shown. Summarizing in your own words makes it easier for retention. It is second nature for humans to forget after a certain time. One needs to interrupt that forgetting curve. Hermann Ebbinghaus experimented a lot on this human nature. Even after the active recall has been practiced, you need to revise the learnings at regular intervals. GET THE SCOOP !!


Sharing your learnings with friends and relatives. Many have already experienced the benefits of teaching and confirm that it helped a lot to remember a book or study material over a long period. Sharing with others enables spaced repetition, which then pushes the contents to your long term learning. Isn’t that easy and wonderful !!

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