Just one thing to get things done. How?

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Have you ever wondered why others are able to do much more during the day but you are not? Everyone has the same number of hours during the day. The differentiating factor is how you are able to use the available time. Here is a powerful concept, which will turn around you life.

1. ‘Highlight of the day’ concept

The concept states that you block a time of the day to complete the most important task and then make sure it is completed as per plan for that day. ‘Highlight of the day’ is that task that makes you feel incomplete, if you have not done that by day end. The ‘Highlight’ will vary for everyone. It may be writing a chapter of your book/blog, studying for an exam, preparing for a meeting, cooking a good meal, exercising or as simple as walking your dog.

Let me give you my example. I am a working professional and preparing for my CIMA exams. I am most energetic in the mornings and hence have dedicated time from 5 am to 8 am for my ‘Highlight of the day’. Once I am through with this part of the day, I feel a bit closer to my goals and able to finish office deliverables without getting cranky. I also tend to give quality time to my family later in the day.

Implement these

  1. Start with small chunks of time and work.
  2. Select a time when you are most energetic and have a positive bent of mind.
  3. Go as fast as you can, if studying/reading. It will keep you motivated without getting bored.
  4. Practice consistently. Remember that a habit forms if one is consistent for 21 days.
  5. Involve family and friends to keep you going.

Avoid these

Now the concept will add value only if you are able to block a time and avoid the following distractions. Parents may find early mornings useful, while students may implement this late in the night. There is no fixed rule to the timing part and can be molded as per requirement. Following should be avoided:

  1. Social media
  2. Mobile phones
  3. An interesting thriller on Netflix
  4. Any other stuff that will distract you for this block of time

2. Conclusion

This is a tried and tested concept to get things done for sure. Your highlight of the day may differ frequently based on your priorities or remain constant for months altogether. Whatever it is, do it consistently and you will soon start observing the results . Don’t forget to spread the message if it helps you come closer to your life goals.

Do share your experiences with me and share the article with anyone who could benefit. Take care and be safe !!

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