Smart mirror

What are smart mirrors and how do they function?

Smart mirrors are a new way of interacting with the world. They can be used in many different ways and for different purposes. They incorporate digital technology to provide users with a range of features and benefits beyond a traditional mirror’s simple reflection.

Simple Digital Marketing tricks for small businesses !

The perfect digital marketing strategy helps in increasing the visibility of your business and building more trust with your customers. This strategy also helps in developing your online brand identity. The optimized digital marketing strategy consists of primarily four components: social media, content, website design, and email marketing.

Woman thinking

Blaming others may feel comforting, but what do you loose in the process?

Do you prefer to react or respond ? You would be thinking that there is no difference. How does it matter as both are same? However, you’ll be surprised to know the both are miles apart. Blaming others for everything in your life falls under the reaction umbrella.

How to identify momentum stocks? Top 7 techniques.

Identifying momentum stocks requires observing a combination of indicators along with price structure. The price movements give subtle hints and we are supposed to catch …

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How to nullify your home loan interest impact ?

It is now time that you turned the tables in your favor. Go ahead and use the above strategies to nullify the interest rate impact of a home loan.

Be impatient with actions, and patient with results

Setting an intention is very powerful and helps tremendously in achievement. The intention can be made more effective by creating an action plan around your goals and having a routine for all the activities. Remember, consistency is the key here.

Top affiliate programs with recurring income features!

Affiliate marketing is an online advertising model wherein, the company compensates third party publishers to generate traffic and help promote the company’s product and services. The compensation is in the form of commissions and is usually divided into slabs to promote more sales.

Why motivation never lasts but inspiration does?

Being happy is intrinsic for each one of us. One looses track of time when engaged happily in any activity. It may be as simple as binge watching. Many remain happy and content by pursuing their passions. These may be as diverse as travelling to collecting coins to running a business. Once we approach any task with intrinsic happiness and motivation, creativity blossoms. It is long lasting.