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Agitated Horse

The man who beats his horse will soon be walking!

“The man who beats his horse will soon be walking” is a proverbial saying that highlights the consequences of treating others poorly, whether it be humans or animals. It suggests that if a person mistreats or abuses their resources, they will eventually face negative consequences that will affect their own well-being.

Woman thinking

Blaming others may feel comforting, but what do you loose in the process?

Do you prefer to react or respond ? You would be thinking that there is no difference. How does it matter as both are same? However, you’ll be surprised to know the both are miles apart. Blaming others for everything in your life falls under the reaction umbrella.

Be impatient with actions, and patient with results

Setting an intention is very powerful and helps tremendously in achievement. The intention can be made more effective by creating an action plan around your goals and having a routine for all the activities. Remember, consistency is the key here.

Why motivation never lasts but inspiration does?

Being happy is intrinsic for each one of us. One looses track of time when engaged happily in any activity. It may be as simple as binge watching. Many remain happy and content by pursuing their passions. These may be as diverse as travelling to collecting coins to running a business. Once we approach any task with intrinsic happiness and motivation, creativity blossoms. It is long lasting.