Attach curiosity with happiness

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A powerful way to live life by combining curiosity with happiness. The latter is the energy that fuels the prior. Curiosity can be intellectual or creative. One might generally feel a surge of energy when curiosity and happiness merge. This is also termed “passion” and allows one to be in the game longer. It feels like euphoria and, if managed well, can help achieve goals easily. Work feels like fun. Curiosity is generally intrinsic and can also be cultivated. As newer emotions get triggered, you tend to enjoy the state of being curious.

Following are few points, which highlight the benefits of combining curiosity with happiness:

1. Being the master of your mood

Managing you mood can be tricky at times. But for achievers, it is second nature. They know that emotions can’t be interfering with the job at hand. On the other hand, we can observe a lot of impulsive decision-makers around us and feel the difference. It takes a lot of efforts to manage one’s own mood and reflect. Many a times mastery is gained only after a lifetime of efforts and knowledge. You should have your mood key with you only. Don’t ever hand it over to others, not even your emotions, else they will manipulate.

2. Curiosity aids creation

A healthy curiosity aids in creating better things. It allows one to view a solution from different angles. A problem can be straightforward but solutions can be multidimensional. This multidimensionality of the solutions results in out-of-the-world products and processes. Curiosity can also be understood as being in the moment and aware. A lot of realizations come in by just being observant and aware. Buddhism has taught awareness inculcation as an integral part of everyday living.

3. Good mood is energizing

When we are content the good mood sets in automatically and it energizes. One can go on doing the same task over and over again without an iota of fatigue. There is no requirement of having energy drinks or coffee. It is simply a state of flow, which once achieved can go on for some time. This stage leads to one of the best work being accomplished. The objective should be to keep the flow as long as possible. One can take the help of meditation and exercise to keep those hormones active. Listening to music is another effective way.

4. Build an awesome aura

The above mentioned combination also boosts the attitude. Positiveness is a natural byproduct, which then reflects as a strong body language and personality. This leads to effortless influence in the desired area. You are taken more seriously and your word carries weight. Often times, one can observe a charismatic personality emerge from within you.

5. Attract abundance

Jolly attitude combined with curiosity helps in attracting abundance in life. It feels as if you are attracting abundance from the universe. This is a natural outcome of a content mind and inner satisfaction. Abundance can be in the form of quality of relationships, health, wealth and inner balance. All of these are important as they impact different areas of one’s life.

After having combined and practiced Curiosity with happiness for few months, request your near and dear ones to highlight any changes they have observed in your general behavior. Feedback will keep you informed if the observed changes are good or needs course correction. Being self aware is the key to creating a life of your dreams.


Q. What impact does curiosity have on happiness?

Ans. Happier people are usually curious. According to research, curiosity is linked to higher levels of happy feelings, lower levels of worry, more life satisfaction, and improved psychological well-being.

Q. How is curiosity helpful?

Ans. Curiosity can often help us link fresh knowledge and synthesize seemingly unrelated concepts when we feel like we’ve reached a dead end. The power of curiosity lies in its capacity to foster learning and development. It fills up our blind spots, prevents us from becoming obsolete, and raises our level of self-awareness.

Q. Does curiosity improve motivation?

Ans. Jason Baehr refers to curiosity as “the primary motivating virtue” that “gets the learning process started and moving in the correct way”. He said that we are more intrinsically motivated to learn about things when we are intrigued about them.

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