Small but potent steps to habit replacement !

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Bad habits are like termites, which suck out the juice slowly but surely. These deprive you from achievable potential or may spoil your image.

The below points will help you get rid of a lot of bad habits.

1. The key

Any bad habit can be changed easily by replacing it with something in that period. You have to only take care that the replacement activity is helpful.

Habit stacking is a wonderful tool to replace bad habits. It simply means that you engage in small activities to achieve small consistent success.

2. Replacing addictive habits

Consuming Alcohol and smoking cigarettes are the most common addictive habits that are harmful. They are also the most difficult to replace.

Now how do we change our replace an addiction of several years?

Addiction of several years is not easy to change or replace. An effective replacement strategy would include engaging in an activity which is able to provide similar satisfaction. Basically those which are able to tire you easily.

You can read about improving your focus on actions here.

Such activities can include the following:

a. Running

b. Lifting weights

c. Push ups

d. Swimming

All of the above activities will help you release endorphins, which has a similar feeling as smoking a cigarette or drinking Alcohol.

3. Replacing bad money habits

Bad money habits can include wasting on unnecessary luxuries, not having an emergency fund etc.

The first step would be to identify the bad money habit. Thereafter shortlist the one with the most potential for saving if done away with.

Now comes the step where you should replace the unwanted money habit with a good one.

Make sure that the good habit is helpful for you.

You can read more about Rakesh Juhunjhunwala‘s money habits here.

4. Replacing bad food habits

Bad food habits will include consumption of excessive fried stuff or anything which are not good for your health.

This can be done easily. For example whenever you have an urge to have sweets, have fruits or honey instead.

Below is a short video on how food effects your mood.

5. Replacing bad physical habits

These may include nose picking or itching. These may not be easy to replace and requires a little discipline as well as will power.

First of all you should be able to identify the root cause. Like itching may be a symptom of a fungal infection. In this case see a dermatologist immediately.

6. Conclusion

Unwanted habits can be replaced. A little discipline and will power can make the process much faster.

Very few understand that even small steps towards progress can do a lot towards inculcating good habits.

Sudden turnaround results should not be expected. Patience will also help in appreciating the results.

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