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Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design app that is perfect for people who have zero experience in graphic design. It’s easy to use, free and has a range of templates and fonts. There’s also a free web-based editor that you can use, which is perfect for people who want to create graphics and illustrations on the go.

Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design app that is perfect for people who have zero experience in graphic design. It’s easy to use, free and has a range of templates and fonts. There’s also a free web-based editor that you can use, which is perfect for people who want to create graphics and illustrations on the go.

Design challenges

Canva design challenges are a great way to improve your design skills. They provide a creative outlet for you to explore new design ideas and techniques. They also allow you to see how other designers approach problems and solve them.

Design challenges can be found all over the internet, but Canva’s design challenges are some of the best. They offer a wide variety of challenges, so you can find one that fits your skill level and interests. And, if you get stuck, you can always ask for help from the Canva community.

Canva Free

Canva is a free graphic design software that makes it easy to create beautiful designs for social media, business cards, posters, and more. With Canva, you can choose from a library of templates and designs, or you can create your own. Canva is easy to use, and you can share your designs with others for feedback or collaboration.

Canva is a great tool for anyone who wants to create beautiful designs but doesn’t have a lot of experience with graphic design software. With its easy-to-use interface and wide range of templates and designs, Canva is a great way to get started with graphic design.

Canva Online

Canva is an online graphic design tool that makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful designs. With Canva, you can create designs for any purpose, from social media posts to marketing materials and more. With millions of templates and tools available, all of varying levels of complexity, you can create any design you can imagine. Plus, with their easy to use drag and drop interface, even those with no prior design experience can create stunning designs.

Canva is a great tool for small businesses or anyone who needs to create professional looking designs but doesn’t have the budget for a designer. With Canva, you can create high-quality designs yourself, without having to hire a professional. Plus, their extensive library of templates and tools means that you can create any kind of design you need, for any purpose. Whether you need to create a social media post, a marketing flyer, or a new logo, Canva is the perfect tool for the job.

Canva is an online design platform that makes it easy to create professional looking designs, even if you don’t have any design experience. With Canva, you can choose from a library of templates and tools to create any kind of design you need. Plus, their easy-to-use platform makes it easy to get started, even if you’ve never designed anything before. Whether you need to create a social media post, a marketing flyer, or a new logo, Canva is the perfect tool for the job.

Canva is one of the most prominent designing tools in the market. It is an easy-to-use application for creating graphics, infographics, and social posts in no time. You would have surely heard about Canva Pro if you have such requirements daily. 

Canva Pro is a paid subscription and costs a reasonable amount for its premium services. Thus, it is essential to explore first whether it is worth purchasing Canva Pro or not. 

Hence, we have brought you this honest Canva Pro Review guide consisting of all its pros and cons. Reading this article for a while will give you 100% clarity on whether you should buy the Canva Pro or not. 

1. What is Canva? 

Canva is an online graphic designing tool with tons of professional pre-designed templates that gives you instantly needed graphics. Canva can quickly help you create social media posts, invitation cards, banners of blogs, resumes, logos, banners on Twitter, business cards, presentations, flyers, Instagram stories, and whatnot. 

Since it is a cloud-based tool, you can operate it anywhere and anytime. You can access Canva from a web browser, Android mobile app, and iOS mobile app. It is enriched with a lot of features in its accessible mode. 

However, Canva Pro has a much bigger picture in terms of features. Its Pro version offers way better, more innovative, and advanced features. We will tell you every benefit of upgrading to Canva Pro, which will help you understand – Is it worth purchasing Canva Pro?

2. Canva vs. Canva Pro: Features

a. Canva Photos

One of the best features of Canva is its Stock Images. It has a wide variety of stock images, videos, audio, and graphics that won’t let you down in any situation. Canva’s free version offers approximately 270k+ stock photos and elements, while the Canva Pro offers you 75M+ options. The Premium version of Canva has outstanding features that help in various content situations. 

b. Canva Elements

Canva Pro has 75M+ design element templates in its library. It consists of various objects, icons, illustrations, logos, grids, lines, doodles, shapes, and more. All you have to do is type your search bar, and it won’t let you down. 

c. Canva Pro Search Filters

Canva’s search feature is one of the awe-inspiring features available for free and Pro plans. However, Canva users would surely know how long or difficult it becomes to search the related relevant templates. Thus, in the new updated version, Canva Pro has introduced filters to explore all the required templates better and more effectively. It will let you create unique and impressive designs based on your requirements. 

d. Canva Fonts

Fonts have a significant role in establishing a connection between the brand and its audience. Every font has its reflection, as Bold and Flashy ones reflect the power, cursive displays elegance and style. Thus, it would help if you had a bunch of fonts within your graphic designing software to trigger the needed emotion at the right time. 

Canva Pro has 100+ fonts befitted for all possible situations. However, they need better-differentiated font templates. Let’s fix this soon to make it even easier for the users. 

The best part is that they have 3000+ font types to select anyone you would need. You can also upload and use your custom font to match the design of your brand. 

e. Canva Audios and Videos

Canva Pro allows you to access their exclusive collection of 25k+ audios from their library. They are categorized well into 15 categories: Travel, Instrumental, Pop, Cinematic, etc. You can even upload your audio too. 

Coming to the videos collection of the Canva Pro is also a fantastic collection. Videos are also very well categorized in this section, including Tech, Nature, Sports, Aerial Shots, People, Food, etc. The best part is that you can preview any Video by hovering your mouse cursor over it. 

f. Canva Templates

Canva pro offers a premium templates collection you can not find anywhere else in the world. You will be liable to choose from the massive collection of 420k+ templates. You will find the required templates as per your need or requirements; all you have to do is make minor edits based on what you and your brand need. 

The Canva Pro team is attentive, hard-working, and creative toward its premium template designs. Recently, they have launched 75+ editable templates for displaying sensitive and professional information to your colleagues and senior officers. 

Moreover, the latest Startup Kits include basic templates such as Memos, Checklists, Business Reports, and much more for today’s startups, entrepreneurs, and business people. 

g. Canva Presentations

Canva Pro has several advanced presentation features that help the instructors present better. It also allows you to record the presentation, which can help you in several ways, and you need not install any external application to record your presentations. 

However, Canva has recently introduced its Audio-only talking feature as well. This feature allows you to create presentations by disabling your video, making the presentations even more engaging. Both Canva free and Canva Pro users can access this feature. 

The extraordinary benefit is that you can also directly record your videos from the Canva uploads. 

h. Canva Unlimited Folders

The folder function of Canva Pro is appreciable. On the one hand, Canva Free offers only two folders limit; Canva Pro Subscription offers unlimited folders and even the sub-folders to keep the Canva designs separate. 

i. Canva Brand Kit 

Canva Brand Kit is one of the best features for people with their brand because it can help you add your brand’s logo, colors, fonts, and all the relevant things to streamline your designs. 

Canva Pro allows you to add unlimited brand kits. However, you might need to put some effort into selecting your band logo. 

j. Canva Logo Maker 

Likewise the other elements, Canva has various ready-to-use templates in its library to create professional-looking logos. You will see all the basic logo templates in the Business Templates category.

You must choose the one you find most relevant to your preference and make the required edits. 

k. Canva Background Remover

Canva Pro offers a miraculous background remover tool, which allows you to remove the background from any image you want. It converts into the PNG format. It helps people the most when they create thumbnails. 

l. Canva Magic Resize Tool

Canva is an excellent all-in-one tool, especially for creators and managers. Its ultimate Magic Resize tool helps the creators and managers to resize any of the templates based upon the platform you need. Thus, it helps you in any possible way and does not let you waste your time on other applications; instead, it provides every service under one roof. 

m. Canva Custom Quality 

With the advanced features of Canva Pro, you can not only download the graphics but also control the download quality based on your needs and requirements. It can even allow you to get your transparent background images and compress the file into the format you need. 

n. Easy Share Canva Templates

All the Canva templates have a public link you can share with anyone. You can also provide permission access to your links to allow others to view, edit or use the templates to design. 

3. Who Should Use Canva Pro? 

Canva Pro is only an essential tool for some, but it would be the most helpful for many. We have mentioned the facts to let you know whether Canva Pro is for you or not.

  • For Freelancers: Canva Pro would be the best option if you’re a freelancer and have to serve quality content to your clients. 
  • Offers Unbeatable Features: Canva Pro comes up with various exclusive features such as pre-made templates, an image resizing tool, a brand kit, recording presentations, audio-only presentations, version history, and 100 GB of cloud storage. If you try to get different software for each additional feature, you will waste a lot of money. 
  • To Create Quick Images: Canva Pro has various pre-designed templates that allow you to create quick graphics. You can also use its direct mobile application to experience a better design experience.
  • To Easily Train Your Writers: You can easily share your Pro account with your writers and train them to create required images by themselves. It is better and more accessible than Photoshop.  
  • Budget-friendly: It would help when you work under a tight budget and can not afford to hire any professional designer. 
  • For Digital Manager: You can use the same image or graphic on almost all social media platforms by resizing tools. 
  • For Printing Stuffs: It would be beneficial if you also print stuff like t-shirts and flex. Canva Pro can easily match the quality photos you need on your device. 

4. Who Should Not Use Canva Pro?

  • Already have other subscriptions: Canva Pro won’t be an asset if you already have subscriptions to other tools such as Freepik, Photoshop, etc. However, Canva is the most accessible tool among all present in the market. 
  • Have a professional graphic designer: If your work requires an extremely high level of editing and designing, and you have a professional graphic designer for it. Then, you genuinely don’t need Canva Pro. 
  • Rarely require any design or images: If you need to design the photos and graphics very infrequently, then you should optimize its free services instead of investing in Canva Pro.  

5. Is Canva Pro Worth It?  

Canva’s free version is potent in itself. Thus, it is the best for most people as it consists of all the basic functionalities. But, if you have constant work around the visual content, images, graphics, infographics, videos, and other relevant things, then you must go for Canva Pro. 

Because Canva Pro has many additional features such as background remover, resize tool, brand management, custom templates, social media planning and scheduling, and premium templates. 

6. Canva and Canva Pro: Common Features

a. Canva Support

Canva support system works for both free and pro versions. Their customer support replies to the emails within a few hours, but they could be more helpful. Instead, they need to be clarified. They do not even offer any live chat support. However, they have many “how-to” articles covering every essential topic you might need. 

Along with all these, you get a help button at the bottom right corner of every page that will help you resolve all the general queries. And, if you want to learn the Canva features, they also have a Canva Design School consisting of all the essential tutorials, courses, and many live events. 

b. Canva User Interface

Among all the graphic design tools on the market, Cava boasts one of the most user-friendly and engaging interfaces. It is nice, well-run, and welcoming. Everything is arranged neatly, as can be seen in the image below.

You may find any design template using the header’s search box, and a help button is available around-the-clock to answer any of your questions. Canva will reveal all of the pre-designed templates if you scroll the website a little.

Canva is a great platform all around for producing rapid and top-notch results. It represents their ultimate goal.

c. Canva Editor

Canva editor is one of the most straightforward editors in the world, and it allows you the drag-and-drop functionality with all the pre-made high-end graphics. It can help you create better social graphics quickly. The Canva editor can let you do so many things like:

  • Copy any design’s style
  • Apply filters and effects on images
  • Use font effects to edit your designs
  • Locking or deletion of a design template
  • Flip, animate or crop your designs
  • Add, duplicate, or delete the multiple pages
  • Add and remove layers and easily adjust the transparency rate

7. Canva Pro: Benefits 

  • Ultimate template collection: Canva Pro has an out-of-the-box template collection with various design formats. It will help you create any graphic you need. 
  • Easy-to-use: Canva is an easy-to-use tool that helps you create the designs of your choice in a short time. You don’t need any design knowledge or skills to access Canva. Even a kid can use it effortlessly. 
  • Stock image subscription: Canva Pro unlocks millions of premium pre-designed templates in just one payment. You get access to use all of them without any worries. 
  • Saves time: Canva Pro provides you with professional-looking graphics and images very quickly. It has millions of already-designed templates, and many new ones are added regularly. Thus, it saves a lot of time to create any new design. 
  • Affordable pricing: Canva Pro is fully accessible to users at $ 6.10 only. It is genuinely very affordable in comparison to any other service.  
  • Allows integration with various 3rd party services: Canva will enable you to have easy integration with a lot of 3rd party service providers, including Pixel, Pixabay, Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps, Giphy, and more. 
  • Excellent collaboration feature: Canva Pro allows you to invite your team members and work on a project by giving them different management tools. 
  • Helpful tutorials: Cava Pro has various helpful tutorials to let you know all the tips and tricks.  

8. Canva Pro: Drawbacks

  • Mobile app lags: Canva application on mobile often lags in the average mobile phone. But it is very common. 
  • Standard free templates: Canva free version has limited and very common templates, which are used widely. 
  • Limited search functionality: Although the search function is one of the best functions of Canva, it does not have a search feature for the uploaded images. 
  • Terrible customer support: Canva’s customer support is the worst because their email queries are nothing but vague. It makes the users need clarification. However, the knowledge base of Canva is beneficial, as it has the solutions to all possible queries. 
  • Limited text template collection: Canva free and Canva Pro have 100+ font templates. Canva Pro doesn’t have any additional things to offer. 
  • Expensive team plan: Canva used to offer adding 5 team members at a much cheaper rate. But now, only a single member can use it in that price. 
  • Short learning curve: Canva’s interface is very easy-to-use. You still have to invest a little time to learn the application. 
  • Offline version not available: Canva is entirely an online platform, and you can not access it offline. 

9. Canva Pro Review: Pricing 

Canva is a free application; however, you can upgrade to its Pro version. Its Pro version’s pricing varies based on the number of members you want to register. Its most basic pricing is approx $80/year for five members. Each individual will be upgraded at approx $7/month additional. 

It will also let you have a 30-days free trial. However, you must also provide your credit card details to access this trial period. All educational and non-profit organizations can access Canva Pro free of cost. 

10. Conclusion 

For making infographics and social graphics, Canva Pro is a great investment. If your company is small and you have a respectable web presence, Canva Pro will unquestionably assist you in quickly creating creative visuals.

For unlimited access to pre-made designs and a variety of pictures, graphics, videos, and audio, Canva Pro is worth the download. You gain access to a wealth of excellent features. Additionally, it will provide you access to a 30-day trial period so you can test the application.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the article and learn everything you need to know about Canva Pro. If you frequently need images, social posts, and infographics, it will undoubtedly be useful to you.

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