Focus on number of experiences in a year not number of years of experience !

A huge misconception exists in our society. It is felt that number of years of experience in the same vertical is necessarily better. Very few would inquire regarding the quality and number of such experiences. I have been able to focus on the number and quality of my experiences since the beginning of my career. To achieve my experience goals, I joined a startup. As a result I have been able to work deeply in the most important verticals of the organization viz. Strategic Alliances, Internal Audit and compliance, Corporate Finance, Recruitments, training and Business Operations. 

The above exposures would not have been possible for me in a large organization or if I had not shown a keen interest towards learning. Now, I am also able to visualize the different moving pieces that contribute to a successful organization, which is a rare insight achieved via experience only. I feel that I am more confident towards building a successful organization than earlier and this has been possible only due to my diverse experiences.

Below is proven system based on my own experience to garner higher number of quality experiences in a year.

1. Have a plan

Before starting one should have a clear plan. You may be dreaming of launching your acting career or progressing on your corporate career. Nothing should be left to chance. The plan can have major and minor goals with achievable timelines.

Learning goals should be set with a defined timeline.  Make a schedule which is easily achievable. It can be as small as 15 minutes. The only condition is that it should be consistently done.

Experience goals require the necessary knowledge and skills. One cannot be a pilot without learning to fly and getting a flying license. That is why learning is a prerequisite.

These goals can also be bucket lists that you want to complete.

NOTION can be an effective resource in noting and monitoring the progress of your plan. The tool is used by the most innovative teams across the world. It can be used as a workspace as it adapts to your unique needs easily. It is minimal as well as powerful at the same time.

2. Be prepared for hard work

If you are willing to gain diverse experiences early on, then be prepared to use your time strategically and work really hard. You will have to be very wise with your time and also learn to delegate. You may also have to work on holidays. Above all, you should be able to enjoy the process.

3. Take initiatives

Taking initiatives is the best way to gain diverse experiences. It stretches your abilities and brings out the best in you. You will be challenged. Each win will further build your confidence.

Another advantage is that people start to recognize you and more opportunities begin to pour in.

4. Mentor or teach others

Mentoring or teaching others will help you in solidifying your own learnings. You will also be learning from your mentee or students experiences, which will help you build mental models. There are many volunteering opportunities that are easily available and will help you stand apart.

5. Automate your schedule

All of the work will demand that you maintain a tight schedule. Hence, it makes sense to automate it. There are many tools like Google calendar etc, which can also send auto alerts once set.

6. Have a bird’s eye view

Often one gets entangled in the intricacies of work which may lead to missing the forest. To solve this issue you should be able to step back and see the context. It means try to have a bird’s eye view at frequent intervals.

The above perspective will help a lot to adjust strategies while reviewing progress. Progressing on a fixed path blindly may put you ib a deep pit.

7. Identify key issues

Having a good number of experiences is often a by-product of your ability to identify key issues beforehand. These issues should be significantly contributing and once solved can prove to be a game changer.

Issue identification is an art and it needs to be honed over time. With experience, the process becomes easier and you are able to identify the triggers of such issues in your industry easily.

8. Take the plunge

Many a times life presents you with sudden responsibilities. You are often not prepared to grab it by the horns and let it pass by. It feel that  you are under prepared. This is how your mind plays games and keeps  you away from achieving your full potential.

I have been in the same boat previously, where I suddenly had a good opportunity. I was not prepared for it but still I took a plunge with a commitment to myself that I will work my ass off and master the job at hand. I had sleepless nights but eventually I was able to conquer my demons and sail through. I would suggest everyone to not hesitate from taking that plunge. Believe in yourself and be prepared to work really hard.

8. Strive for solutions

Once the key issues are identified, you can now search for the right solutions.  The next step would be to implement these solutions and simultaneously gain multiple  experiences.

The process of arriving at a solution is in itself full of learning, wherein you explore many things. Your mindset also changes and you feel a meaningful engagement.

9. Note the key learnings

Learnings from past experiences helps avoid pitfalls. You can avoid costly mistakes by using your experience and selling above of others who have been through the process.

10. Wrapping up

Todays VUCA world demand diversity of experiences and skills. With the ongoing war in Ukraine Russia war and confirmation of recession in few supposedly well of nations has indicated that different skills are the need of the hour. The pandemic has shifted our perspective towards remote and freelancing work.

There seems to be no better time to hone and diversify your skills and there are many reasons to it. It is better to start as soon as possible.

It’s your turn now !

I hope this post showing you the steps to gain more number of experience with quality.

Now , I would like to hear what you have to say.

Which step you feel is the most important and you are ready to try first? Do remember to have a clear reasoning with the aim of deriving the maximum impact. You should be able to reach your objectives.

Let me know your experience by sharing a comment below.

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