How to share Facebook links effortlessly?

There are instances when you might want to send someone your Facebook profile link so they can view it directly, even if Facebook has search tools that allow anyone with an account to discover a friend by putting in that person’s name. Finding the Facebook URL for your profile page is simple, but if the people you share it with don’t have their own Facebook accounts, they might not be able to see the content. Links to extra Facebook pages you build can also be shared, providing they have been published.

1. Share Link to Your Facebook Profile

When using the Facebook app on a smartphone, go to your profile page and click the “More” or 3 dots option to get the link to your profile. From the menu, select “Copy Link to Profile”. On Desktop you may need to go to ‘General Settings‘ and go to ‘Username‘. You may now paste the URL into any text field in email or other social networking applications.

On profile FB profile page – 3 dots – Profile and tagging settings

On a laptop or desktop computer running Facebook from a browser, navigate to your Newsfeed and click the downward arrow to the far right of the search box at the top of the Facebook page. From the menu, select “Settings.” For the Username setting, a link to your Facebook profile is displayed. As an alternative, you can copy your Facebook url straight from the address bar of your browser by using the Copy function. The best strategy to employ when you wish to post a Facebook page link for another page you’ve built, such as a business page, is the one described above.

2. Share Facebook Post Link

Links to specific posts that you have posted on Facebook can also be shared. Click on the date and time that are directly below your name at the top of the post by going to the post and doing so. The post will appear all by itself. By utilizing the browser’s Copy feature, you may send the link to this view through email, WhatsApp Web, or SMS.

Share icon at the bottom of the post

3. Links for Sharing and Privacy Settings

You must adjust the audience in your privacy settings to Public if you wish to share a Facebook profile link or page link with users who aren’t logged into Facebook. If not, Facebook will indicate that the page is unavailable. The viewer will see a preview even if the content is public before being prompted to log into Facebook. A Facebook login window will be shown and the receiver will have to check in or create a Facebook account in order to view the link you tried to share with someone who isn’t logged in to Facebook.


Q. What is a Facebook page link/url?

Simply said, your Facebook URL consists of the name of your page appended to the address of Facebook’s main website.

Q. How do I share link to someone else’s Facebook page?

Tap the Share button located in the bottom right corner underneath a post. Also, the 3 dots in the top right corner of post can be use and then click on ‘Copy link‘.To post to the timeline of a friend, press the Feed button located below your name, then pick On a friend’s timeline from the drop-down menu. Tap the Share Now button after entering your friend’s name.

Q. What are the steps to set up a link to my Facebook business page?

Start typing the name of the company page once you’ve typed the “@” symbol. If you then select the appropriate business page from the drop-down list, your post will be shown on the wall of that particular company. In addition, within your status update, you will build a link that will take readers to the business page you are discussing.

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