RBI boosts credit and debit card security with new rules

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Many of us have heard about Credit or Debit card frauds/misuse from our acquaintances in the recent past. Earlier, transactions would not require OTP verification while executing the transaction. It had left a big loophole open and was being misused by firms, who used to store credentials. Transactions would get executed well after the subscription period. I myself faced issues with Netflix subscriptions, which would automatically debit the amount from my card. This was specially risky, if are planning to stop the subscription on that day. Now, RBI has come us with a new set of rules for cards issued in India.

For New Cards or Reissued Cards

During issue or re-issue, all cards (physical and virtual) will be activated for usage just at contact-based points of use (i.e Atm machines as well as Factor of Sale (PoS) tools) within India.

‘Card not present’ transactions suggests online or IVR associated transactions. The financial institutions would certainly provide the solution to users for enabling ‘card not present’ (residential as well as international) purchases, card existing (global) deals as well as contactless transactions as per their instructions.

For Existing Cards

Banks might take a decision, based upon their perception of fraud, whether to disable the ‘card not present’ (residential and also global) transactions, card existing (international) deals and also contactless purchase civil liberties.

Existing cards which have actually never ever been utilized for online ‘card not present’ (CNP), actual swipe, contactless transactions will be mandatorily deactivated for this reason.

A solution was provided to customers to manage own purchase transactions. All financial institutions will provide the solution to shift between on/off and set/modify transaction limitations (within the total card limit, if any, as set by the provider) for all types of card transactions whether residential or worldwide, at PoS or ATMs or online deals or contactless purchases, and so on;

The above solution is being provided on a 24 × 7 basis through several channels like mobile application or electronic banking or ATMs or Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR). This may additionally be offered at bank branches or offices. When there is any modification in status of the card, the user will receive information and alters vis SMS or email.

For Prepaid cards

The above arrangements are not compulsory for pre-paid gift cards and those utilized at public transportation systems. All the above guidelines would certainly be available in result from March 16, 2020.

Most of the times the purchases are allowed for both online or offline transactions by default in all locations. Nonetheless, there are many people that require to transact worldwide. They may be business men, students, shoppers etc. The majority of scams are related to purchases via cards used overseas directly or websites outside India, as they can conveniently bypass the 2 element authentications of PIN. There were few financial institutions supplying above solution at irregular intervals. With RBI pushing for these brand new guidelines, it will certainly develop even greater understanding.

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