Impact of blaming others?

a. Makes you untrustworthy

Everyone must have heard about the boy who cries wolf. You may get away once or twice. But it is very difficult to not be observed for judged for your act.

b. Lost self esteem

Self esteem increases when people achieve. These can be achievements in sport, academics, career or business. Achievements are the ultimate peak and a result of consistent efforts.

c. Ingrains bad habits

Blaming others creates victim mentality and does not let you make the desired efforts. Good habits take time and discipline to cultivate.

d. Embarrassment

When the truth is found out it creates a huge embarrassment for everyone, including yourself. 

e. Lost opportunities

Blaming others and not owning up may be seen as lack of leadership skills. Thus loosing good opportunities.

f. Legal hassles

Blaming others without any proof can also bring in legal hassles. You may be sued for a hefty sum. Be careful.

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