Hand washing app for Galaxy Watch


Sumsung has launched a handwash app for it's Galaxy Watch. It aims to improve personal hygiene habits.

It has a timer and alarm for  reminders

It cares 


Wash time counter for 25 seconds with reminder alarms. Day wise hand wash visibility. 

The first hand wash app for your smart watch 


Experience it fast

People touch their face 23 times an hour on average, of which 10 touches are to the eyes, nose or mouth. The hand wash app helps maintain hygiene.

Handwashing 6-10 times a day is  linked to a lowered infection risk.


Makes your immunity strong with hygiene reminders

The app is personalized, with options to set hand wash  alarms every 2 hours.  It allows 5 seconds for applying soap and 20 seconds for scrubbing.

Key benefits


Fit For All Ages


Strong immunity


Sets a habit

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