10 Ways to get out of debt fast !


You can check how much money you have coming in, going out, and how much you owe by creating an online dashboard for your financial life. All of this at one place. Many apps are available online.  

1. Start tracking debt

It's time to create a debt management plan now that you can see all of your debt in one dashboard. Keeping track of your spending encourages you to reduce wasteful spending and apply that money to debt.

2. Start budgeting

Qualifying for lower interest rates is easy if your credit score is good. Balance transfer  or refinance at better rates is another option.

3. Renegotiate and reduce interest rates

Your debts can all be combined into one account with one interest rate. The rate ought to be less than what you're currently paying. This will enhance visibility of the debt outflow. 

4. Debt consolidation

By limiting expenses, you can invest more money in paying your bills and less money on your side hustle. Living frugally also helps us prioritize other aspects of our daily lives.

5. Cut expenses

Part-time jobs can also  help in your  resume. If you only want to work until you pay off your debt, look for temporary work.

6. Side hustle income

The extra money you can  pay for debt will speed up your debt free journey. Interest rates will also go down.  Also, for best results, stop using the card.

7. Extra repayment

8. Balance transfer

Balance transfer to a new account can be used to avail low interest rates. Just call a bank and they will help you. 

For this method to work, income from part-time jobs and  item sales must only be used to pay off debts.

9. Sell extra stuff

All the money left over from the raise will be used to pay off the debt. Make youself more valuable for the company. 

10. Change jobs or get a raise